World Ovarian Cancer Day

Every year, May 8 is celebrated as World Ovarian Cancer Day to raise awareness regarding the Ovarian Cancer. This day aims at creating a community where those living with ovarian cancer, survivors, and their families and friends can unite, share their experiences, and help educate the public about this deadly disease.

According to the Globocan, the incidence of ovarian cancer was 24,469 cases in the United States in 2018. Ovarian cancer has the lowest survival rate in comparison to the other female cancers. Five-year ovarian cancer survival rates range from 30% to 45% worldwide. The majority of the women are diagnosed at the advanced stage in which cancer has already spread to other body parts and, makes it more difficult to treat. It is difficult to diagnose ovarian cancer as its symptoms are often confused with symptoms of other less severe illnesses, particularly gastrointestinal complaints.